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What we stand for

HONESTY and INTEGRITY in all our dealings with suppliers and customers alike!

High Customer Responsiveness!

Competitive Products and Service!

We are Driven by...

Passion: We have a passion for Growth, Strategic Development and Profitability of business.

A Standard of Excellence: A Strict Adherence to Excellence.

Innovation: Pursuing business Opportunities through Innovation and Quality

Our Values




High level Service Provision


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ATA - with the strapline, CREATING EMPLOYMENT - sums up what we do, making a practical difference in the lives of poor people. We recognize the importance of technology and hands on work. We share knowledge and work together with communities. In policy debate, our work focuses on delivering practical changes that positively impact on the lives of poor people.


CEO - Andy WhyteCEO - Andy Whyte

We are Christian
We acknowledge one God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In Jesus the love, mercy and grace of God are made known to us and all people.

We seek to follow Jesus - in his identification with the poor, the powerless, the afflicted, the oppressed, and the marginalized; in his special concern for children; in his respect for the dignity bestowed equally on women and men; in his challenge to unjust attitudes and systems; in his call to share resources with each other; in his love for all people without discrimination or conditions; in his offer of new life through faith in him.

We hear his call to servant hood, and to humility.

We maintain our Christian identity while being sensitive to the diverse contexts in which we express that identity.



Our research and development focuses on maximizing the effective use of human resources. Maintaining a high product quality ensures that the entrepreneur has the greatest chance of earning a living, and returning for additional equipment.

You, as a business person, cannot afford to take chances with unproven and shoddy products (often copies of our original equipment). We offer a range of equipment whose output can compete profitably against established, commercial mechanized producers.

Quality Control:
A good product has two important characteristics - it must be well designed and well made. Our equipment is designed to make products to international standards we have consistently refused to cut corners in use of quality raw materials and production procedures. Experience has proven the wisdom of this policy.

ATA success in labor intensive technologies, we believe, begins even before the production stage because first and foremost ATA is an ideas company. We started with an outstanding idea and we have continued to grow ever since. Appropriate technologies are constantly developing so the company is anticipating and responding to the dynamics in the appropriate technologies market. A detailed knowledge of problems, solved and unsolved, acquired through constant contact with companies and organizations operating in a wide range of fields, means that we are able to create solutions ahead of their time. Our equipment has proven time and time again that ATA can stand proudly at the forefront of this field in Africa.


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